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Paying for Personal Injury Claims

Home Page Find A Personal Injury Solicitor Personal Injury Accident Claims Paying For Personal Injury Claims   When it comes to paying for your personal injury case there are a number of options available, whether or not you feel you can afford to take legal action.

If you feel you are able to afford to pay your personal injury accident claim solicitor then you just need to phone round some personal injury accident claim solicitors in your area and get quotes for their services. However as well as asking how much their legal fees will be, you should also ask:

• How likely you are to win the case? And;
• How much do they estimate you will need to pay out if you lose?

The second question is particularly important because while you may be able to pay your personal injury accident claim solicitor’s fees, if you lose you will not only have to pay your personal injury accident claim solicitor’s fees, but also:

Your opponents legal costs; and
Your opponents expenses, fees, charges and other costs known as ‘disbursements’.

Faced with this unknown prospect most people choose to use the ‘No Win, No Fee’ option offered by personal injury solicitors.

‘No Win, No Fee’ deals are known in the legal world as Conditional Fee Agreements, and effectively act as a replacement for Legal Aid which was stopped in 1999 for most personal injury cases. With a Conditional Fee Agreement the solicitor agrees to not to be paid if you lose your case, however if you win, the solicitor will charge a ‘success fee’ which will usually be paid from your compensation payout.

You should be aware however that the terms of a No win, No Fee deal can vary. Some personal injury solicitors will take a bigger portion of your compensation payout than others. Other personal injury solicitors will not take any of your compensation payout, choosing to add their solicitor’s fee to the costs paid for by the losing party. This can be done as long as the court deems the costs to be reasonable.

An important thing to remember about No Win, No Fee agreements is that if you lose, you still have to cover the legal fees and disbursements of the other party. To help with this personal injury solicitors offering the No Win, No Fee option suggest that you take out ‘after-the-event’ insurance, which covers the costs you will have to pay out if you lose.

If your personal injury case is related to a car accident or an accident in the home then you may find that you have ‘before-the-event’ insurance as part of your car insurance or home insurance. If this is the case then your legal costs could be paid for by the insurance company if they feel you have a good chance of winning the case. However you need to check with your insurance company before you go ahead with any legal action using this cover, as the type of insurance you have may not cover all types of accident. In addition most ‘before-the-event’ insurance options will not cover the costs you have to pay if you lose your case.

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