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Home Page Find A Personal Injury Solicitor Personal Injury Accident Claims Paying For Personal Injury Claims   If you’ve decided to try and get compensation for a personal injury you’ve suffered then you’ll probably need the help of a personal injury accident claim solicitor to help you through the process.

To find a personal injury accident claim solicitor near you why not start by using our search, that way you can locate a number of personal injury claim solicitors working in and around your area. Our listings include addresses as well as phone numbers giving you the choice of whether to ring round, or drop in for a one-to-one chat.

When choosing a personal injury claim company to handle your case, one of the first things it is worth checking is whether you are dealing with an actual personal injury claim solicitor or a claims manager.

The difference between a personal injury claim solicitor and a claims manager (also known as a claims assessor) is that a personal injury claims solicitor can deal with your case directly whether or not it gets to court. Many law firms offering this service will give you the name of the solicitor who will deal with your case and from then on you can deal with the one who will be fighting your personal injury case directly. A claims manager on the other hand is not qualified to fight your case in court, they are effectively a go-between between you and the solicitor. So although you may still get one single point of contact they themselves will not be able to take your case to court.

This difference may also have an effect on how you pay for your personal injury claim but check out our ‘Paying For Personal Injury Claims’ section for more about that.

The other benefit of choosing a personal injury claim solicitor over a claims manager is that personal injury claim solicitors are bound by the Law Society rules and regulations, which include professional conduct rules. This not only ensures quality of service but also gives you a clear option if you are unhappy with the service your personal injury claim solicitor has provided. For claims assessors there is no such regulation

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